Thou shalt wear what they love

If you know us, or can see our liked pics on instagram, you will know we are french bulldog obsessed. We yearn for one so much; on seeing frenchies in the street or public places we get a rush of excitement and then the ultimate heartbreak of not having one of our own Frenchies need a lot of live attention. It's sadly just not viable to have our own right now, so we were delighted when we spotted a necklace which embodied our main passion in life... the French bulldog. Stephen Einhorn is a jeweller we admire for his life-like silver creations, he comes from a model making background which makes him the man best placed to commit the Frenchie to sterling solid silver with a life-like quality we havent seen before. We love the Frenchie pendentant and there are many other great options for animal lovers of all kinds... Although why anyone would want anything other than a Frenchie quite frankly baffles us. We also hugely admire the brands work around gay and lesbian weddings the brand do, same sex couples looking for wedding and engagement rings feel accepted and catered for. So if you have a Frenchie want a Frenchie or are just looking to update your jewellery box Stephen Einhorn is a go to brand for you.  

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