Thou shalt get yourself a suit this Christmas

A suit is a wardrobe staple we couldn’t live without all year round but in winter the suit is perhaps the most utilised more than any other time. Christmas party’s require tuxedos and velvet slippers but even day to day a good suit worn with an over coat is a a December staple.

This season we have updated my suiting with the addition of roll-neck sweaters and Chelsea boots. A rolled up suit trouser and a thick sock with a boot is a great option for muddy slippy pathways this time of year and a roll neck adds additional warmth.

Suit shopping is sometimes a hard decision to make as its hard to know exactly what you should be looking for and a suit is not an inexpensive item so sometimes the amount of dosh your about to splash can hinder your natural instinct. When looking for a suit for winter consider that the cloth can be thicker thank usual as it will kept you warmer and a, boiled merino wool being our absolute favourite. Textured fabrics also work well in winter months such as tweed as they are generally heavier and weightier than no textured fabrics.

There are a whole host of suits out there on promotion at the like of Burton Menswear and Moss Bros but if you are looking for a suit steal, mid range offerings from COS and Reiss get our stamp of approval whilst high end cheater Barrie has some great options if Savile Row is a viable option for you. Whatever your budget remember it’s you that’s wearing the suit so have fun with it being practical is great but have a bit of fun too it’s Christmas after all!

Suit by Burton 

Suit by Reiss 

Suit at top of page by Moss Bros