Thou shalt not forget your favourite grooming product (like we did)

The men commandments recently had to up sticks and relocate, this was the third year in a row we had to move. Whilst having to move is a pain it does present the opportunity to have a good clear out and sort out our huge expanse of grooming products stuffed in the bathroom cabinet and many other places that home our collection. So, our unlucky stint with landlords may have struck a third time but it gave us our third annual grooming cull, an event where only prized products are kept and any products we rate less than 5 stars is thrown away or sent to various family members and friends, lucky them! This year we unearthed a product once used daily but for reasons now unknown it became forgotten and gathering dust at the back of a draw. This hair product is so good we really can’t understand why we ever stopped daily usage but hair products are plentiful and we are lucky to be sent lots of great products to trial, however this is one that’s now back in the Men Commandment’s daily routine and not likely to be forgotten again. The product is ‘Shu Uemura Art of Hair Kengo Feather’. We were first introduced to this hero hair product in the hairdressers and took one home to get that saloon styled look daily. It’s a paste that is applied to damp hair and then the hair is styled with a hairdryer. If you live for a quiff you will know the perils of having a floppy one that doesn’t have staying power. This product gives hair that extra oomph needed to hold the style you desire without weighing down the hair or making it feel clogged up and gunky like other products can. What we love about this paste is that it pretty much gives us our desired style without the need of using much of other styling pastes and additionally spraying the hair with lots of hairspray to hold that shape we yearn for, nothing worse then feeling like a life sized Lego man. So welcome back to the top draw Shu Uemura Art of Hair Kengo Feather, we promise we will never forget about you again!  

£17.50 for 100ml