Thou shalt go back to black

We all have those days, mountains of tried on clothes piled up on the floor and nothing seems to be creating our desired outfit goals. It's on these days we roll out our tried and tested technique when outfit inspiration just won't strike... Top to toe black. The easiest and most simple way of putting together a cohesive look is sticking to one hue and wearing it top to toe. For us this is black, mostly because we have so many different items of clothing in black that it gives us endless outfit opportunity. It's probably important to note this style hack is just as useful in any colour you like however black is always a winner. So whilst this may be a self explanatory styling trick what we love about going top to toe in a colour that it allows you to be creative with the items you put together and pair unexpected garments in an effortless well put together looking outfit. Take the out fit you see us in here. We have mixed a causal jogger with a blazer and simple T, the pieces are unexpected in that they mix formal and casual elements but overall create a vibe that gives a slight tention we usually aim for when putting a look together. We added a black trainer from Vionic for the finishing casual element. What we love about going monochromatic is that it's so easy and quick to achieve and can really be done with little or no thought as it will always look stylish and well put together. When shopping to update your wardrobe it's often sensible to think about what pieces you have and then buy options in colours that are the same so you have a whole array of colours to do this with. For summer we are putting together navy wardrobe choices and also orange (orange been a bit trickier to execute but not impossible). At the Men Commandments we love mixing colour and prints but sometimes for whatever reasons it just doesn't work. When you need to be out the door 10 minutes ago and you're stood in your underwear amidst a mess of clothes you have discarded: there is one simple solution and that is, as the great Amy Winehouse once sang, back to black.