Thou shalt ‘sport up’ a suit this spring

Suiting is our true fashion love, in times of despair we always reach for a two piece to gain some added swagger in our step. We are now entering our perennial dilemma... how to wear a suit in summer? Linen pops in to mind, obviously, but we ask you - who wants a creased linen suit 10 minutes after putting a freshly pressed one on? not us. The cool breeziness of linen has its appeal for sure but in a suit it’s just not a practical fabric choice. So that leaves us at sartorial square one. Then we spotted the whole range of polo tops that the high street is pushing and thought maybe, just maybe, they would work worn with a suit. The resulting look was one we were fairly chuffed with. If you know us you know we love a T-shirt trainer and suit look, it’s out fail safe option but one we are far too reliant on. The polo and suit look is a fresh update on casual suit wearing and we can’t get enough. What’s great is that all you need is a new polo ,the are inexpensive and there are so many choose from. Opt for a zip for added sporty detail. So summer is here and so is your summer suit update... two piece lovers you are so welcome, go forth in your polo and two piece.