Thou shalt keep to time with Ferrata watches

We have a confession to make... we have never been into watches, cue a gasp of shock. how can a men’s fashion blog not be into watches? we hear you ask! Well the answer is quit simple, we don’t like bulk. Most watches we try are just to cumbersome and tend to annoy us after the 5 minute novelty of wearing a new watch fades. Sure we like some watches, even go as far to say love. But would we wear happily on our wrist all day? No way. That was until we got a super slim supper lightweight watch from Ferrata, it’s the only watch that hasn’t annoyed our particularly picky wrists and caused us to remove half way through the day. It’s a fairly big face but so streamline and so flat in profile it feels like we are wearing no watch at all yet gives us the added detail we have always desired. Aside from the main attraction we have mentioned in depth we just are generally big fans of its minimal face design and Swiss movement all features you would expect in a pricier options.

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