Thou shalt take a Neroli Voyage with Floris

Neroli and the Men Commandments go way back, we first found out this was one of our favourite smells whilst having problem skin in our early twenties. A facial oil containing Neroli not only combatted our over sensitive visage but quickly became a scent of calm in a otherwise anything but calm time on our life. So with Neroli always being on our fragrance lust list it was with great excitement we were invited to discover a new fragrance where neroli was taking centre stage. So for any neroli novices out there neroli is the oil you get from the blossom of an orange tree, it does have a citrus smell but it’s not one that immediately makes you think of a family sized carton of orange juice, it’s more refined more delicate more decedent then that. As we expect with Floris they have taken neroli to new heights, This unisex fragrance opens with a citrus burst of neroli and lemon, complemented by marine notes for an added sea breeze freshness. The launch of the fragrance was a typically understated but class event with oranges artfully displaying our name to sit down to drink eat and learn more about this amazing family run fragrance brand. The Fragrance market seems to be all about trends and releasing fragrnaces where the ad campaign is more important than the scent itself. What I love about Floris is that in a fast moving world they don’t subscribe to the marketing trends of instagramable bottles and celeb fronted campaigns. All the attention is on the fragrance and it pays off, the first spritz of Neroli Voyage cements it as a summer must have for us.  Get yours here